Time to Break Up the Philadelphia Eagles…Starting With Michael Vick

Michael Vick and Andy Reid

Michael Vick and Andy Reid

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Before the start of the season it was clear Michael Vick and Andy Reid were both on the hot seat. After a disappointing 8-8 season in 2011, the Eagles were put on notice. Win or get out. Philadelphia sports fans don’t have a lot of patience and they are at a breaking point with their football team.

The blame can never be put on one person, but in sports it usually is. With the Eagles, the blame will be put on two people. First is quarterback Michael Vick. Head coach Andy Reid has been the Eagles head coach since 1999. The organization will likley give him til the end of the season to turn things around. Reid has been around long enough to get an idea of how long of a leash he has. This means he needs to start winning games and it isn’t happening with Michael Vick at quarterback.

Since signing Vick to a six year, $100 million deal the veteran quarterback has not found the same success he had in 2010. Vick’s contract calls for him to make $16 million next season. If things keep going this way there is no way Vick will be in an Eagles uniform in 2013. Based on his contract, the Eagles can cut Vick after this season and not have to pay him anything. As of right now this seems to be a likely option.

The latest out of Eagles camp is that Andy Reid is sticking with Vick as his starting quarterback. However, after losing to the New Orleans Saints 28-13 on Monday Night Football in another uninspired performance it may only be a matter of time before Vick finds himself on the bench.

The only reason Vick may still have his starting spot is because Reid and Eagles coaches clearly don’t feel rookie backup Nick Foles is ready to lead the team. How else could Reid explain leaving the turnover prone Vick in as the starter? There will come a point when Reid will realize it can’t get any worse. This is when we will see Foles as the starting quarterback.

If Reid doesn’t figure out how to get the Eagles into the playoffs and turn the ship around, he will find himself on the unemployment line. This was a big year for the Eagles, and a 3-5 start to the season has Reid on the hot seat. Despite being considered one of the best coaches in the league, Reid hasn’t been able to lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl victory during his 14 seasons as head coach.

It’s clear a change may be the best thing for the Eagles. Vick may first find himself on the bench, but Reid could find himself on the unemployment line before long.

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