Thursday Night Football Recap: Cincinnati Bengals 34 – Philadelphia Eagles 13

Cincinnati Bengals and Philadelphia Eagles
Cincinnati Bengals and Philadelphia Eagles

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The Bengals came away with an important 34-13 win over the Eagles Thursday night, but it wasn’t pretty. The Bengals lost two fumbles, gave up six sacks, and Andy Dalton couldn’t find much of a rhythm, but the Eagles were even sloppier, committing five turnovers. With the win, the Bengals put pressure on the Steelers to keep pace and have a good chance of pulling within one game of the Ravens for the division lead. Cincy’s defense and running game continued to play at high level, which should carry them into the playoffs.

Meanwhile, the Eagles can draw some positives from the defensive pressure they put on Dalton, but their offense and overall discipline obviously needs to improve. Nick Foles had some bright moments extending plays with his feet, but he couldn’t connect with his receivers very much and threw a momentum-changing interception. Still, he’s shown promise, and it’s in the Eagles best interest to have him finish the year.

Fantasy Factors

BenJarvus Green-Ellis

Green-Ellis carried the ball effectively all night, rushing for 106 yards and a touchdown. He has proven to be a reliable fantasy option, as he’s now rushed for over 100 yards in four out of the last five games and added three scores. If he hasn’t already, Green-Ellis should earn a starting spot on your team to close out the season.

A.J. Green

After a couple of disappointing games, Green was able to get back on track. This wasn’t exactly a great performance for Green’s standards, but he was able to find the end zone in the fourth quarter and totaled 57 yards, earning him a solid 11 points in standard leagues. Still, fantasy owners were probably expecting a little bit more.

Bryce Brown

Brown was a bust for the second straight week, rushing for only 34 yards. With the Eagles offensive line as banged up as it is, you can’t really blame Brown for not playing better. He certainly needs to do a better job of protecting the ball, but fantasy owners received a small consolation when a fumble that was originally credited to Brown was changed to Foles after the game. At this point, he’s probably the most high-risk/high-reward player, so it’s up to you how daring you want to be next week.

Bengals Defense

It turns out that the Bengals D scored more fantasy points than any position player, which is a huge bonus for fantasy owners. Cincy scored 22 points in standard leagues by holding the Eagles to 13 points, forcing five turnovers, and returning a fumble for a touchdown. Don’t count on this type of production again, but you should continue to be able to start the Bengals with confidence.

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