Surgex Sports Studs and Duds: Week 15

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1. Russell Wilson (QB) Seattle Seahawks – Ol’ Russell Hustle and Bustle put on quite the quarterbacking display this weekend. The slight QB ran for three touchdowns and threw for another in a dominating performance.

2. Drew Brees (QB) New Orleans Saints – It hasn’t been the smoothest year for the veteran fantasy ace Brees, but in Week 15 he gave owners a throwback performance. Brees threw for over 300 yards and also tossed four touchdowns in a must win game for the Saints.

3. James Jones (WR) Green Bay Packers – Being a wide receiver for Aaron Rodgers has its perks and Jones owners reaped the benefits this week. The receiver caught three touchdown passes from Rodgers and totaled over 60 yards. Quite an afternoon.

4. Adrian Peterson (RB) Minnesota Vikings – Ho hum, another dominating fantasy game from Peterson. He rushed for over 200 yards and a touchdown. *yawn*

5. Aaron Rodgers (QB) Green Bay Packers – It’s also been a trying year for Rodgers, but when he’s under center, there is a good chance touchdown passes will be thrown. A perfect example of this in week 15, Rodgers threw for three TD’s and just under 300 yards.


Matt Ryan (QB) Atlanta Falcons: 4

RG3 (QB) Washington Redskins: 4

Adrian Peterson (RB) Minnesota Vikings: 4


1. Josh Freeman (QB) Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Nothing is worse than delivering a dud performance, especially when you’re team needs it most. And, with the playoffs nearing in real life and fantasy playoffs in full swing, Freeman needed his A game, but instead delivered a D-. He threw for four interceptions in what was a miserable outing for the QB.

2. New York Giants (D/ST) – The Giants defense did a whole lot of nothing this week, except give up points to the Atlanta Falcons. During a time when every fantasy point is crucial, the Giants defense netted a negative total, which hurts doubly.

3. Matthew Stafford (QB) Detroit Lions - Stafford threw three interceptions, which normally is inexcusable for a quarterback but gets magnified when you have a receiving target to throw to nicknamed Megatron like Stafford does.

4. Eli Manning (QB) New York Giants – Just when Eli’s production was being counted on the most, he managed to deliver a nothing performance. In 25 attempts, Manning managed just 161 yards and still threw two picks.

5. Stevan Ridley (RB) New England Patriots – Ridley has been putting together quite a fantasy resume in his initial season, but he may want to leave week 15 off his list. Only getting nine carries, Ridley could muster up just 23 yards and he also lost points with a fumble.

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