NFL Playoffs: RG III Injured In Defeat

Seahawks Redskins Football

Seahawks Redskins Football

Without a doubt, Robert Griffin III (RGIII) should have come out of the game earlier than he did on Sunday. And this is not a case of Monday (or Tuesday) morning quarterbacking. This is the case of witnessing Griffin’s ineffectiveness as early as the second quarter, killing the team’s chance to win.

When your quarterback limps while running and can’t plant his leg to make an accurate throw, it’s time to take him out. The Redskins’ offense became inept with RGIII in the game, and this should have been obvious to Mike Shanahan.

No one is questioning Griffin’s toughness, but if he couldn’t realize he was hurting the team, then Shanahan needed to be the one to recognize what was happening. The coach should have made the switch to Kirk Cousins, who would have at least given the Redskins a chance to have some semblance of a passing game, while allowing Alfred Morris to get more touches during sustained drives. Instead, the Redskins gained only four first downs with Griffin after their first two touchdowns…not because the Seahawks made adjustments, but because the Redskins were playing with a shell of a quarterback.

And perhaps Shanahan should have realized that Griffin was more vulnerable to the injury he ultimately suffered in the fourth quarter, but I can understand that he was thinking about the present game, not next season. Yet if the coach looked at the present game realistically, it should have been pretty obvious that they couldn’t move the ball with Griffin and could only hold on to their lead for so long.

*Update – It is being reported that RGIII suffered at least partial tears to multiple ligaments. More details as they come.

**UpdateESPN is reporting that RGIII had successful knee surgery today (1/9/13) to repair two torn ligaments in his right knee. Recovery time is expected to take 6 to 8 months.

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