Who’d You Rather: Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck?

Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck

Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck

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Who would you rather have leading your favorite team: Andrew Luck or Peyton Manning? This is a hypothetical question brought up by plenty of football fans and personalities over the last few weeks. This is asked almost as often as whether you would rather have Eli or Peyton Manning as your teams quarterback. Let’s break it down and find out which quarterback is your first choice.

Peyton Manning

Coming into this season there was no telling if Peyton Manning would ever regain his old form after having surgery on his neck. Would Manning ever regain his old arm strength? Well he hasn’t fully regained his arm strength, but Manning is one of the smartest quarterback’s to ever play the game and he has shown he doesn’t need his old arm strength. At 36-years-old Manning may never regain his old from, but he may not have to.

Manning is proving he is still one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL this season. Through eight games, Manning has thrown for 2,400 yards along with 20 touchdown passes and only six interceptions. Oh yea, and Manning’s 69.5 completion percentage, 8.23 yards per completion and 108.6 quarterback rating are all bests for him in at least the last six seasons.

Manning is erasing all doubts of him not being the same, so he would seem to be the clear choice in who you would want behind center for your team…right?

Andrew Luck

 Andrew Luck was as about a sure fire franchise quarterback coming out of the draft as we have seen in our lifetime. However, fans have seen too many Ryan Leaf’s and JaMarcus Russell’s to consider it a sure bet. Starting on what was supposed to be a horrible Indianapolis Colts team and being a rookie in the NFL was sure to result in some growing pains. It didn’t take Luck long to grow up.

Outside of two bad performances week one against the Chicago Bears and week six against the New York Jets, Luck has looked like a seasoned veteran. Luck’s overall numbers aren’t overwhelming. However, in his last two games Luck has taken over as the leader of this young Colts team. Without any big play makers around him on offense, Luck is carrying this young offense on his shoulders. Last week Luck broke the rookie record for passing yards in a game when he threw for 433 yards against the Miami Dolphins. Before that, Luck torched the Tennessee Titans for 297 yards, while completing 68% of his passes.

Maybe the most impressive part about Luck’s performance is the fact that he is leading a Colts team that finished 2-14 last season to a 5-3 record in 2012. If Luck is performing like this now, how good will he be in a few years with more weapons around him?


Really what it comes down to is if your team is built to win now or for the future. Right now both Manning and Luck are on the perfect teams for them. Manning is coming to the final seasons of his career and he is on a team that is ready to win now. For Luck, he is a part of team that is rebuilding and should contend for years to come. If you are a general manager, which quarterback are you choosing for your team right now?


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