Week 3 Thursday Night Football Preview


Tonight marks the return of Andy Reid to Philadelphia, only this time as head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs.  He has a new QB in Alex Smith, and much like his Eagles tenure, a top-flight RB in Jamaal  Charles.  The KC defense has played fairly well to open the year, and the Eagles offense has been almost unstoppable.  It will be interesting to see who wins this battle.  Usually, Thursday night games are fairly sloppy, which tends to help defenses.  With that in mind, I don’t expect the Eagles offense to be running up and down the field like they have been through the first two weeks.  So, I would temper expectations for Michael Vick, LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson.  I think they will have decent games, but won’t be exploding like they have through the first 2 games.  I think this is especially true for Jackson, as he’s never been able to put together a string of more than 2 great games in a row, so he is probably due for a letdown.  McCoy has had a lot of touches so far, so a short week may affect him as well.  I do think Vick will have a fairly good game, as long as he stays healthy.  He has been a top 5 QB through two weeks, and if I owned him, I would try to sell high immediately.  I don’t see him lasting another 3-4 weeks taking these kinds of hits.  You can most likely get a top flight RB or WR for him at this point, so don’t wait too long before trying to trade him.

For the Chiefs, Alex Smith has been his usual steady self, playing it safe and avoiding turnovers.  He won’t wow you on a given week, but is almost a lock for 225 yards passing and 2 TDs.  That’s a nice 15 point game or so each week.  The one problem is that he doesn’t throw a good deep ball, and if someone isn’t fairly open, he usually won’t thread the needle and will instead check down or throw it away.  This has somewhat limited Dwayne Bowe’s performance so far, although there is still plenty of time left for him to rebound.  The Philadelphia defense has been atrocious after two games, so I would expect the Chiefs to be firing on all cylinders.  Jamaal Charles should be able to run over the front seven, and I think Reid may devise a game plan to toast the Philly pass defense as one last parting shot to his old club.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Alex air it out more than usual and because of that, Bowe may be in line for a big game as well.  Keep an eye on the offensive players to see if they are indeed sloppy from the short week.  Let’s hope this game isn’t as ugly as last week’s was.  Keep an eye on Twitter as I post updates over the course of the game.

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