Time for Tim Tebow to Start at Quarterback for the New York Jets

Tony Sparano, Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow

Tony Sparano, Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow

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Don’t be fooled by the final stats. Sunday’s 30-9 Miami Dolphins victory over the New York Jets was a complete blowout. The Jets special teams was as much to blame, if not more, than the Jets offense. Don’t let this fool you. The Jets offense was also abysmal.

Mark Sanchez ended the day going 28-54 with one touchdown and one interception. Sanchez was also sacked four times and continued to hold onto the ball way to long on a few plays. The Jets need to realize Sanchez is never going to be Eli Manning. Sanchez isn’t a horrible quarterback. If you surround him with talent he can win games. The Jets just have a terrible offensive team around him. Sunday’s game against the Dolphins reiterated this. The Jets have terrible pass protection and a sub par running game.

This brings me to the big question. The question that has been asked all off season and everyone knew would eventually come. Should the Jets start Tim Tebow at quarterback? Don’t be mistaken, this is not piling on Sanchez. Although not a great quarterback, he isn’t as bad as he has seemed. The Jets offense around Sanchez is horrendous. Sanchez has shown that if he is given a solid running game and offensive line, he can win some games. This was the recipe of success for the Jets Rex Ryan’s first two seasons. Tim Tebow also showed he can do this during his time with the Denver Broncos last season.

This debate will always feature the pro-Tebow and anti-Tebow arguments. No matter what kind of argument you make, there will be people who feel Tebow has no place starting as an NFL quarterback and those who feel he is a proven winner.

When people ask who is the better quarterback, they are asking the wrong question. It’s clear Sanchez is the better quarterback. What should be asked is who will help  the Jets win more games? That answer isn’t as easy.

The Jets need to decide as an organization if Sanchez is their quarterback. If Sanchez is their guy then stick with him.  If they have any doubts, they mind as well give Tebow a chance. The Jets have a good enough team they can probably manage a .500 record, but they aren’t going to get into the playoffs with this current roster. So why not give Tebow a chance?

We all know Tebow isn’t a great quarterback. He can’t throw. However, if used correctly, like the Broncos did late last season, Tebow can give defenses trouble. Tebow won’t pose a threat if all you do with him is run up the middle of the field. If the Jets want to really utilize Tebow, start him at quarterback and let him run the offense from start to finish. Enough with the back and forth between Tebow and Sanchez. Tebow may not be a great passer, but he can throw enough to keep defenses off balance.

The Jets will not win anything with Sanchez at quarterback unless they drastically improve their roster around him. This won’t happen this season. There is a chance Tebow could win some more games for the Jets. There is also a chance Tebow could fall flat. However, if Tebow does fall flat, it won’t be any worse than the Jets performance week eight against the Dolphins.

Announce Tim Tebow as the Jets starting quarterback now so the speculation can end and the game planning can begin.

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