The SportsMan Weekly NFL Picks (Week 8)

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I’ve always been a very optimistic guy. My glass is always half full. So when I look at last week and see that I went 8-7 in my picks, I don’t fret. I don’t throw a Bobby Knight temper tantrum and throw a chair across the room. I look at it as having gotten more correct answers than wrong answers. I also look at it as a great way to back peddle from admitting I sucked last week and choked worse than someone getting force strangled by Darth Vader. So now I get back on the right track with week 8…

New York Giants over Philadelphia
My Giants are lo longer a winless team!! This is the start of something, of ten in a row and a division title. Ok, maybe I’ve been spending too much time at the pub. Neither the G-Men or Eagles have lived up to potential but I’m going with momentum in this one and New York has it coming off last week.

Detroit over Dallas
The matchup of the two best wide receivers in the league, Calvin Johnson and Dez Bryant. Each will try to top the other in this one. Detroit gets the nod with home field and the better back field. Reggie Bush is too versatile has 100+ all-purpose yards along with a touchdown.

Kansas City over Cleveland
I knew the Chiefs would be improved this year but not to this extent. Alex Smith is playing out of this world and is doing it with out a favorite receiver. Smith spreads the ball evenly and Jamaal Charles is the best back in the league right now. Cleveland has a good defense but their offense just isn’t on the same page. Chiefs remain undefeated.

New England over Miami
The Patriots are heated over their loss last week to the Jets. It’s hard to imagine New England dropping a second division game in a row, especially at home. The Dolphins offense hasn’t improved as much as everyone had expected and Mike Wallace has been disappointing. Even with the injuries I’m taking Brady, it’s hard to bet against him.

New Orleans over Buffalo
Great job by Buffalo holding on last week for a close win over the Dolphins. Breaking News: New Orleans has a better offense than Miami. OK, that wasn’t exactly breaking news. Drew Brees has too many options for Buffalo to compete in this one. Darren Sproles goes crazy out of the back field in this one. Two touchdowns for the back.

San Francisco over Jacksonville
The Jaguars are so bad that even the Unite States couldn’t stand watching them anymore. So they shipped Jacksonville off to London. It would be nice if this one stayed competitive throughout but I see San Fran pulling away early in the second half. U.S. customs should ban the Jaguars from reentering the country after it’s over.

Cincinnati over New York Jets
The Jets are incredibly inconsistent. The only thing they’re consistent at is being inconsistent. Everything about this game screams let down after last weeks big victory over New England. As quarterback Geno Smith goes so do the Jets and his pattern this season indicates a two turnover day. Bengals at home in this one as Andy Dalton and A.J. Green hook up for 120 yards and two touchdowns.

Oakland over Pittsburgh
The Steelers suddenly look like world beaters. Well, maybe not but two in a row is still an accomplishment. The Raiders are coming off their bye and should be well rested. The Steelers don’t really have anyone on defense that can keep Terrell Pryor in check and he will use legs a lot in this one. Anything less than 50 rushing yards for Pryor will be a disappointment to me. Although I have been know to make mistakes…from time to time.

Denver over Washington
The Broncos fell from the ranks of unbeaten last week. What better remedy for a loss than the Washington Deadskins?? The Skins put up 45 points last week and STILL had to squeak out the win. If Washington can give up 41 points to a Bears team that lost Jay Cutler mid-game imagine what Peyton Manning will do to them. The scoreboard operator will be busy as Manning throws for four touchdowns in this one.

Atlanta over Arizona
The Falcons have been more of a letdown this season than Star Wars: Episode I. They have been hurt by injuries with Roddy White and Steven Jackson missing time along with Julio Jones out for the year. The Cardinals don’t have the injuries Atlanta does, they just suck. Even at home I don’t like the Cardinals in this one. Carson Palmer has no targets beyond Larry Fitzgerald and no running game whatsoever, Tony Gonzalez scores late in this one to put it away.

Green Bay over Minnesota
How bad of a team do you have to be for your fans to be happy at Christian Ponder getting the start. Well that’s how bad Josh Freeman looked last week. With no quarterback and inconsistent receivers the Packers only have to focus on stopping Adrian Peterson. While that’s no small task the Packers have a high-powered offense to counter. No Randall Cobb hasn’t slowed Aaron Rodgers down since Jarrett Boykin stepped in seamlessly. Packers put on a show for a national audience by scoring 40+.

Seattle over St.Louis
What fool thought America wanted to see the Rams on national television? Even when they had Sam Bradford they were terrible. Now that he’s out the offense will run through…Zac Stacey? The Seahawks should rest their started in the second half. That could be bad news for Marshawn Lynch fantasy owners. Especially since I just traded for him and I have seem to have the kiss of death. Nevertheless Seatllt win a not too close game.

Joe Namath Guarantee of the Week–> Still alive in the survivor pool! after the 49ers win last week! The downside is that I’m running out of powerhouse teams to choose from. I’m going to have to do some actual thinking soon. I’m calling bull on that. In the meantime though I still have the Green Bay Packers left to pick. The Pack take on the Vikings and with Ponders the turnover king starting for the Vikes I fell comfortable about staying undefeated.

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