The SportsMan Weekly NFL Picks (Week 4)


Ok, clearly I was the victim of a cruel joke played by the NFL last week. I mean, how else do I go 7-9?? Green Bay lost the Cincinnati? Yeah, good one NFL. The Vikings lost to a third string quarterback? Sure, it could happen (said sarcastically). 12 wins to 10 wins to 7 wins. My record’s falling faster than a lineman faking an injury. It’s time to right this ship before it sinks hard enough to become a James Cameron film. I predicted the Thursday night game to be a 30-17 win by San Francisco. Turns out I was pretty close as it was a 35-11 win for the 49ers. Not a bad start to the week. Now let’s see if I can build off that momentum…

Baltimore over Buffalo
Even with no Ray Rice the Ravens pulled of a nice win last week. They get him back this week and the Bills are still the Bills. I have been impressed with EJ Manuel this year but he’s still learning to be a pro. Flacco and his troops pick up a road win here

Cincinnati over Cleveland
It was a nice story last week when Brian Hoyer got the Browns a win in his first start. Now the Browns get a vicious offense to try and contain. Andy Dalton has AJ Green at his disposal and Giovanni Bernard is turning into a top running back. Browns come back down to earth this week

Detroit over Chicago
The Bears are an impressive 3-0. Their defense may be the best in the league seeing as how they turn almost every turnover into a score. The Lions get the nod here since they are home. It will be a close one but too much Calvin Johnson and Reggie Bush is the key here.

Minnesota over Pittsburgh
What a nice gift to London. We send them two winless teams. Christian Ponder is gone from the starting spot and probably will never start another NFL game (he’s that bad). The Steelers look absolutely horrible this year on both ends of the ball. Matt Cassel pulls out an ugly win an and the Steelers return to the states next week 0-4

Arizona over Tampa Bay
The “fire Schiano” watch is officially on. Mike Goodson will get eaten alive as he is just not ready for a starting spot. Josh Freeman will get a few laughs on the sidelines and Tampa remains winless. It’s time for the Suckaneers to go back to the creamsicle jerseys. Hey, if you’re gonna suck, suck in style!!!

Indianapolis over Jacksonville
Raise your hand if you had the Colts simply manhandling the 49ers last week. Put your hands down you frigging liars!!! The Colts have an almost perfect split of run and pass plays this season. With Trent Richardson having a full week of practice with his new squad now expect a 100 yard game out of him. The Jaguars are another week closer to Tebow time

Houston over Seattle
I originally picked Seattle for this game but changed my mind as I started writing this. Houston is out to prove something after a disappointing loss last week. The Seahawks are the better team on paper but being away from home makes them a slightly different team. They will keep Arian Foster and Ben Tate in check but I have a feeling Matt Schaub finds a way to squeak out the home win here

Tennessee over New York Jets
Jake Locker is playing at an MVP level. Let me say that again, JAKE LOCKER! At home the Titans will limit mistakes against Rex Ryans defense. Geno Smith throws two costly picks here as both lead to scores. Chris Johnson kills New York with one of his patented 80+ yard runs late in the game

Denver over Philadelphia
If you like low scoring games and a defensive duel then this game isn’t for you. These two teams are going to score more than Peter North in this game (the older crowd will get that reference). The Broncos will start talk of an undefeated season after this week. Chip Kellys up tempo offense isn’t built to keep with the weapons Peyton Manning has at his disposal. Four different Broncos will score in this one

Washington over Oakland
The Redskins get just what every team needs before the bye week…a matchup against the Raiders. Matt Flynn get the start and needs a big game if he wants to prove he can start in this league. With the ‘Skins lackluster defense he should put up good numbers but I expect Robert Griffin III to finally play like his old self and get Washington their first win of the year

Kansas City over New York Giants
This is the hardest decision I’ve had to make since figuring out what to name my second child. In my heart I have to believe my beloved Giants can’t go to 0-4. With my head I can see though that they can’t rush the passer, can’t run the ball and turn over the pigskin too much. Yea, I think that about covers all the G-Men flaws. For once I hope I’m wrong but Alex Smith just doesn’t turn the ball over and the Chiefs are just a better team right now

San Diego over Dallas
Talk about two teams that just can’t be figured out. Picking this game basically comes down to flipping a coin. Which Phillip Rivers shows up? Which Tony Romo shows up? Is DeMarco Murray for real? I am officially dubbing this game “The Inconsistent Bowl”. San Diego get by at home as they key in on Dez Bryant and hold him in check with no Miles Austin on the other end. Rivers had a fantasy field day with 300+ yards passing and 2 touchdowns

New Orleans over Miami
The NFL just seems more fun when there is someone to challenge the Patriots in the division. Miami looks like that team this season as Ryan Tannehill is playing out of this world. It’s still a tough task to ask him to go into New Orleans and upend Drew Brees. The Dolphins hang in there but Darren Sproles and Marquise Colston are too much in the end

New England over Atlanta
This is the game of the week here. Are the Patriots that good? Is Atlanta that bad? well, neither actually. The Patriots need help at receiver but their defense comes up enough this week. With no Steven Jackson and basically no Roddy White the options for Matt Ryan are limited. Tom Brady gets the better of Ryan and the Pats get a road victory

Joe Namath guarantee of the week-> My overall record may leave some room for improvement but my guarantees are perfect so far. For the second week in a row I’m taking the team playing against the Jaguars. Indianapolis is the pick here. I may just go anti-Jacksonville as season here, they look that bad.

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