The SportsMan AFC Predictions


Why go through an entire season to see who wins? Like reading a good mystery let’s just skip to the end and see who did it.Of course the end of the season doesn’t have a huge surprise to it but let’s see how we get there anyway. Let’s take a look at the SportsMans “sure to be a huge disappointment” outlook on the AFC.

New England Patriots: 14-2
Miami Dolphins: 6-10
New York Jets: 5-11
Buffalo Bills: 4-14
Logic-> The division still belongs the the Patriots as they are the only team to finish with a winning record. The Jets use a rough and tough Rex Ryan defense to escape the bottom of the pile. Miami is improved with the addition of Mike Wallace but they’re a few pieces (and a real franchise quarterback) away from truly competing with New England

Pittsburgh Steelers: 10-6
Cincinnati Bengals: 8-8
Baltimore Ravens: 7-9
Cleveland Browns: 3-13
Logic-> The Steelers are the seasoned veterans here. I know Baltimore is the defending champs but they’ve just lost too many weapons. Joe Flacco regresses and Ben Roethlisberger excels. The Bengals earn a tie-breaker with Kansas City to make the playoffs for the third straight season.

Houston Texans: 13-3
Indianapolis Colts: 10-6
Jacksonville Jaguars: 6-10
Tennessee Titans: 2-14
Logic-> Arian Foster comes back from injury to torch the division. Andre Johnson and Matt Schaub play “pitch and catch” as the Texans hold off the Colts. Indianapolis earns a wild card spot as he keeps making fans say “Peyton who”?

Denver Broncos: 14-2
Kansas City Chiefs: 8-8
San Diego Chargers: 3-13
Oakland Raiders: 2-14
Logic-> Peyton Manning is a football God. Not a bold prediction there. A full season under his belt from neck surgery and manning will be even better this season. The Chiefs are much improved but just miss the wild card spot. Oakland has absolutely nothing going right for them and South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney should start getting measured for black and silver now.

Houston over Cincinnati: The Bengals attempt to get a measure of revenge against Houston for the 2011 playoff loss. They fall short as Houston uses the home field to their advantage (that’s what it’s for after all).
Pittsburgh over Indianapolis: Andrew Luck doesn’t get his first playoff win as the Steelers battle tested defense picks him off twice. Big Ben plays hard and has two touchdowns, one rushing, and Pittsburgh advances to rival New England.

Denver over Houston: Peyton is just too good. Don’t worry about the cold Denver Mile High conditions. Manning puts it all together and picks apart the Texans defense. Ed Reed has no answer for the weapons Manning has.
New England over Pittsburgh: Tom Brady is still pretty good. Head coach Bill Belichick has a full week to prepare and throws too much at Ben. Fans get the Manning/Brady championship matchup they were denied last year

Denver over New England: In one of the greatest games played Manning edges Brady in overtime as Matt Prater kicks a 43 yard field goal on the third possession of the quarter. The Broncos use the huge win to propel themselves to a Super Bowl victory over Seattle as Peyton finally ties little brother Eli with his second ring.

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