The Sports Man Halftime RB Awards


What’s better than picking up where you left off? Nothing taste better in the morning than that slice of pizza you didn’t finish the night before. Nothing beats mowing half a lawn because you mowed the other half the prior day. Handing out awards two days in a row is second to none. Yesterday was the QB midseason awards, today it’s the running back spot. Since handing out a most valuable player, least valuable player and top waiver target worked out so well I think I’ll do it all again…

MVP–>Knowshon Moreno
As I said yesterday, keep in mind I didn’t say the best running back. Moreno is definitely the most valuable . Moreno has racked up 131.10 fantasy points in leagues. All those points are good enough for the fourth most among running backs. To put that in perspective, Moreno was ranked 185 OVERALL in my preseason rankings. I thought that may have been poor calculating on my part until I went back and looked at the draft results of my league. Upon further review I saw that Knowshon was not even drafted!! Rookie backfield mate Monte Ball was taken 61st overall. Congratulations to the genius that picked up Moreno because he has been rewarded with 8 rushing touchdowns, the most among running backs. Moreno isn’t just doing it on the ground though. Even though he does have the 14th most rushing yards in the league with 413 he also has picked up 198 yards in the passing game. The Bronco back has scored a touchdown in five of seven games so far. He has rewarded owners with a 35+ point game against Jacksonville and 25+ point games in New York against the Giants and in Dallas. It’s amazing that Moreno has been able to put up the video game points given how many offensive options are in Denver. He shows no signs of slowing down either.

LVP–>Trent Richardson
58.30. No that wasn’t my high school grade average. That’s Richardson’s total fantasy points Those numbers make Trent the 34th ranked running back in fantasy leagues. That’s especially disturbing to me considering I had the man ranked as the 7th best back and 8th player overall in the preseason ranks. Where did Richardson go so wrong? Maybe it’s in his 333 rushing yards. Maybe it’s in his 2 touchdowns (in contrast the aforementioned Knowshon Moreno had 3 TDs in week six alone). Wherever it resides it should be pointed out that Trent has less points as a starting back than preseason back ups Jason Snelling and Jacquizz Rodgers from Atlanta, Andre Ellington in Arizona and Roy Helu from Washington. Richardson doesn’t have single game with 100 yards rushing. That translates to only two games where Richardson has scored over ten points. He’s been so bad that the Cleveland Browns got rid of him. As a fantasy owner, you can too.

Top Waiver Target–> Donald Brown
If you come to a point where you follow my advice (and God help us all if you have) you are probably dropping Trent Richardson soon. To replace him on your roster you should take a serious look at Brown, Trent’s backfield mate in Indianapolis. Brown has 42 fantasy points on the year, only 16.3 less than Richardson. Brown is owned in only 1.7 % of leagues but that should rise just as Browns role in the Colts offense. Last week Donald carried the ball eleven times which is more than the previous two weeks combined, Brown actually did his best work in the game catching three balls out of the backfield for 42 yards. The Colts seem to headed toward a timeshare backfield which leads me to believe Brown will end up being more valuable than backup RBs Daryl Richardson, Bernard Pierce and/or Rashard Mendenhall. Even if you don’t own Richardson but have available space on your roster pick up Brown and thank me later.

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