The Sports Man Halftime QB Awards


At the halfway point of the fantasy season just about everyone is doing their midseason awards. So why not jump on the bandwagon? Why be original? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Is that enough cliches? I think we’re good. So let’s take a quick glance at who’s getting the job done so far at the fantasy quarterback position…

MVP–> Philip Rivers
Now keep in mind, I didn’t say best QB, I said most valuable. Peyton Manning and Drew Brees are ranked one and three in points according to That’s to be expected. They were in the top three in my preseason rankings. You know who wasn’t in my top three? Yep, Rivers. With 159.58 points Rivers is second in points. The value resides in where Rivers was drafted. In those same preseason rankings I had Rivers at 138 overall. He was sitting behind Joe Flacco, Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning. An interesting stat is that Rivers is owned in only 86.5% of NFL leagues. What??? How is the second highest scoring QB not owned in every single league?? His numbers stack up with just about anyone. Philip has three games with 400+ passing yards. He has four games with multiple touchdowns. In fantasy land that translates to two games with 34+ points and two other games with 24+ points. Rivers top value may be yet to come too. He has games still to come against poor defenses in Washington and Denver. If you own Rivers you may very well be in great position for a championship. The fantasy playoff weeks are traditionally weeks 14, 15 & 16. In those week Philip gets a matchup at home against the Giants, a road game in Denver and a home game against Oakland. Three juicy matchups for Rivers against very poor defenses.

LVP–>Tom Brady
It almost feels like blasphemy to say Brady is the least valuable anything. Sadly though, it’s true. Brady has a pedestrian 91.62 fantasy points this season. How bad is that? It’s especially bad when you look and see that “Tom Terrific” ranks behind Eli Manning, Alex Smith and even rookie Geno Smith in fantasy points this year. Brady is owned in every league and it’s easy to understand why. People are still hoping for the turnaround. It’s hard to ignore the eye popping low stats though. Brady has two games this year with six or less points. He has only one game with over twenty points. In my preseason rankings I had Brady as the 5th ranked QB, I had him at 26th overall. Well this year so far Tom is the 22nd ranked quarterback. It may be hard to say but if you own Brady you may need to start looking at other starting options.

Top Waiver Target–> Geno Smith
Perhaps you’re in the market for a QB. Maybe you own the aforementioned Brady. Maybe you own Jay Cutler and need a replacement for a few weeks. Or maybe you just want a good backup plan just in case your starter gets hurt. Look no further than New York Jets rookie Smith. Geno is owned in only 9.1% of leagues. That seem extremely low for a man that sports 110.52 fantasy points. Right now that’s better than Mike Vick and Colin Kaepernick. The downside to owning Smith is his inconsistencies. First look at the good: Smith hung 32+ fantasy points on Buffalo, 22+ points in Atlanta and 19+ points against the Patriots. Now look the bad: Geno put up a measly 7.26 points in New England and 8.26 points in Tennessee, Smith seems to be like the original Star Trek movies…every other one is good. By that I mean every other week Smith seems to put up big numbers. The other alternating weeks he’s merely Clark Kent. Smith also has a rough end of the season. His last two games of the season (fantasy playoff weeks 15 and 16) are in Carolina and against Cleveland. The Panthers are ranked third against the pass and have allowed only five passing touchdowns (tied for the fewest in the league). The Browns are ranked tenth against the pass and have twenty sacks on the year (tied for 7th). Smith can get you by for the regular season but you’ll need a good team around him to win the championship.

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