St. Louis Rams Rookie Corner Janoris Jenkins Steals the Show

Janoris Jenkins
Janoris Jenkins

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Sunday’s week 12 match up between the Arizona Cardinals and St. Louis Rams may not have gotten the attention it deserved. Let’s face it, fans outside of Arizona and St. Louis probably weren’t interested to see two losing teams play in a game that will probably end up being meaningless to the playoff chase. Football fans; however, missed an impressive performance by one of the top young defensive players in the league.

Rams rookie cornerback Janoris Jenkins had a historic day for his team in their 31-17 victory of the Cardinals. Jenkins is the first Rams player to ever intercept two passes and return them both for touchdowns in the same game.

Although this certainly came out of nowhere, it shouldn’t come as a complete surprise. Jenkins has tremendous talent and the ability to run back pick sixes on a weekly basis. For those of you who haven’t seen Jenkins play, he is quickly becoming a game changing player on the defensive side of the ball. By next season, Jenkins could be viewed by opposing offenses as a player they will avoid throwing at, ala Deion Sanders.

Keep up with Jenkins on his Twitter account @Jjenkzlockdown and follow the #RabbitHole. Keep reading Surgex Sports “Look into the Rabbit Hole” every Wednesday, where we highlight Jenkins upcoming match up against the opposing teams top wide receiver.


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