Should the Philadelphia Eagles Replace Michael Vick as the Starting QB?

Michael Vick

Michael Vick

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Sunday’s 30-17 loss to the Atlanta Falcons dropped the Philadelphia Eagles to 3-4. With a New York Giants victory, the Eagles are starting to fall out of playoff contention and need to find some answers for their struggling offense soon.

Michael Vick is receiving the brunt of criticism for his play as the teams starting quarterback. This may very well end up being Vick’s last season with the Eagles, but before this off season, the Eagles need to figure out how they can win some games.

Vick’s biggest problem this season has been turnovers. Vick was able to avoid turning the ball over on Sunday against the Falcons, but on the season he has eight interceptions and five fumbles lost. Vick has always been turnover prone because of the risks he takes as a runner, but this season it’s been less acceptable because he isn’t finding the end zone as often.

The latest word is that Vick hasn’t been benched…yet. However, his 78.6 quarterback rating is the lowest it’s been since he became and Eagle. As we all know, this would all be pointless if the Eagles were winning games, but since they are at 3-4 right now, Vick’s job is in jeopardy.

According to an ESPN report, Vick’s job is safe for now. Fortunately for Vick, the Eagles only have an unproven rookie as their backup. Nick Foles was drafted in third round by the Eagles and although he may have potential down the road, he is unproven. There is a chance Foles could come in and provide a spark for the Eagles, but if they want to win now they are better off sticking with Vick.

Vick has proven he can be a playmaker in this league. Head coach Andy Reid and the Eagles need to figure out ways to jump start their stagnant offense. There is way too much talent on the Eagles offense for them to be playing this poorly. Give Vick and the Eagle a few more weeks to try and turn this around. Two of their next three games are against division opponents.  If by week twelve Vick hasn’t turned things around then give the rookie a chance.  Until then, the Eagles best chance to make the playoffs is with Vick as their starting quarterback.

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