QB Options with no A.R.

Aaron Rodgers

I’ll admit, I can be a bit of a pessimist. Ten good things could happen to me but as soon as one bad incident occurs I feel as if I have worse luck than Detective John McClain does with terrorists. That’s exactly how I feel when my first place fantasy team loses Aaron Rodgers. My glass is officially half empty. In the fantasy world you always need to be looking forward and the playoffs are just around the corner. So how do I (and every other Rodgers owner) weather this perfect storm?
I happen to be in a little bit of a fortunate situation with my plans because Im such a draft expert. I grabbed Rodgers at the end of the first round and most of his owners grabbed him in either the first or second. Based on the fact that Aaron has missed only one game in his career due to injury it’s reasonable to assume a lot of owners did not draft a capable backup ( or traded away the one they had). I myself, grabbed Seattle’s Russell Wilson in the tenth round. Not because I was anticipating playing him (other than the the Packers bye week) but because I was trying to be a douche. I knew at least one other owner had yet to draft a QB and two other owners had taken Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. On the chance either one regressed from their rookie season and knowing the QB-less owner would need a top QB I took Wilson with the intent of trading him during the season for a high value. At midpoint I even shopped Wilson but found no takers. How lucky did I turn out to be when armageddon came and Rodgers went down. Other owners were not so lucky.
So who do you start now that Aaron will be out 4-6 weeks. Best guess is he’ll be back in time for the fantasy playoffs. You still need to get there first, that’s half the battle. Terrell Pryor is a great choice being that he picks up points with both his arm and his feet. Pryor is owned in 60% of NFL.com leagues though so let’s assume he’s not an option for you. Nick Foles is the sexy waiver pickup of the week after his 53+ point performance in Oakland on Sunday. He’s even available in over 71% of leagues. The down side with Foles is he hasn’t shown the consistency in his starts you’d like. He does get a favorable matchup against the Redskins soon but with Chip Kelly not totally committed to Foles it’s reasonable to suspect Mike Vick getting his starting spot back when he’s fully healthy. After all, if Kelly had much football IQ he’d wouldn’t be under .500 in arguably the worst division in pro sports.
Availability is always the key in replacing an injured star in fantasy sports. Well I found three very quality QBs that are readily available to use. Number one is Case Keenum for the Houston Texans. Keenum is available in 94% of leagues. Case is coming off only one hot game and it may seem I’m jumping the bandwagon just after I said not to do the same with Foles but Keenum is clearly the starter for the remainder of the season in Houston. Matt Schaub was healthy last week and was still second string. Against the NFLs top defense, the Kansas City Chiefs, Case threw for 271 yards and a touchdown. His numbers would have looked better had he not fumbled once. He then followed that up with 33.60 points against and Indianapolis defense that a few weeks ago was able to hold Peyton Manning in check. The most appealing part of Keenum is his remaining schedule. Week 11 he takes on the Raiders at home, followed by two games in three weeks against the lowly Jaguars. Couple the weak schedule with the fact that he has an elite receiver in Andre Johnson and an injured running game (which means the Texans will be throwing a lot) I would put Keenum at the top of my list.
Jason Campbell is second on my list. Let me preface this by saying I’m a big Jason Campbell fan, I think the guy know what it takes to win. Aside from that he’s a very intriguing sleeper in this conversation. Campbell is owned in only 2.2% of NFL.com leagues. Jason has already showed he can produce fantasy numbers this season. Against the top-ranked Chiefs defense he put up 21.42 points and that was in KC. Then against the defending champions he increased his points to 24.48. Campbell is on a bye this week so that’s a bad draw but when the Browns return to action he has a juicy schedule. Week 12 against Pittsburgh and week 13 versus Jacksonville may single handedly put owners in the playoffs. Campbell is in a similar situation as Case in the running game area. There really isn’t one. Willis McGahee is the Browns starter and he’s about as trustworthy as mob rat Henry Hill. Jason will have plenty of opportunity to throw and put up points for smart owners.
Now we come to my favorite team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (anyone that has read my stuff before knows the sarcasm here). I got plenty of grief when I picked the Bucs to win only two games this year. Well right about now Tampa would need a rabbits foot up their butt just to get to one win. The horrible season aside there is one shining point and that’s Mike Glennon. Glennon won’t in any league MVPs or Super Bowls anytime soon but he may just allow you to weather the fantasy storm for a few weeks. Mike is almost certainly available in your league as he is owned in only 1.7% of leagues. Over the last four games he has averaged 16.67 fantasy points. He won’t win you a game all by himself but if you have a decent enough team he may be the difference maker. Glennon gets a Monday Night matchup against Miami this week and the extra rest should only benefit him. He follows that up with a home game against the terrible Atlanta Falcons. Glennon is an extremely short term answer and I would never recommend using a keeper pick on him but for the next two weeks he is an interesting choice. There’s potential for him to put up some very good numbers. As my friend Mr. Spock would say, “there are always possibilities”.
So there are your best options to hold the fort down while Rodgers is out according to my book. Let’s face it, my book is the only one that matters too. Hopefully Aaron comes back and picks up right where he left off. If not, it’s going to be short playoff run for myself and many owners. Let this be a lesson to everyone though…draft wisely. You can’t anticipate injures but you should damn well expect them. Especially if you’re a glass half empty person.

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