Curry’s shooting skills baffling the NBA in a good way

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When roll is called to name the greatest long-range shooters in the history of the NBA, look for Stephen Curry’s name at
the top of that list. Of the thousands of players to have played in the NBA, none have shot with the uncanny range of Curry, who is in his seventh season as Golden State Warriors shooting guard. Even longtime players are baffled how Curry’s dribbling act has become so spellbinding, and how he can make a 35-foot shot looks so routine when the 3-point arc is 23 feet 9 inches. “In the history that…

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Panthers propose a revised definition of intentional grounding


The NFL’s rules protect quarterbacks, and for good reason. There simply aren’t enough of them who can perform at a high level. The protections include preventing certain hits on quarterbacks and permitting certain behaviors aimed at allowing quarterbacks to avoid otherwise legal hits. The Panthers propose limiting the latter. Specifically, Carolina has proposed a rule…

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5 NCAA tournament stars who will drive NBA teams mad

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It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year: March Madness. You have your bracket(s) ready. Your boss understands what you’ll be doing today. And your alma mater is (hopefully) ready for a deep tournament run. What about the players who will actually take the floor and decide the games, though? Are you up to speed with them? Don’t worry; no one could be expected to know every player in this year’s field. What’s really important is being able to hold your own in bar debates with your friends as we march toward the Final Four and a new national champion.

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Fifteen High Schools Awarded $50,000 to Fund Athletic Trainers


The NFL Foundation, the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA), Gatorade and the Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society (PFATS) today announced the winners of the Athletic Trainer Initiative, a national grant contest to expand access to athletic trainers in underserved high schools and improve youth athlete safety. The fifteen winning schools each received $50,000 to develop athletic training programs that will provide nearly 5,000 student athletes with consistent access to this valuable resource. The announcement was made at the seventh-annual Youth Sports Safety Summit, hosted by NATA and the Youth Sports Safety Alliance.

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