LeSean’s Season is the Fake McCoy

LeSean McCoy
LeSean McCoy

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Part II of a trilogy rarely lives up to the original with a few exceptions, such as “Godfather part II”, “The Empire Strikes Back” and “The Dark Knight”. However, I believe part II of my Fantasy Football Regular Season Awards has that potential.

In this segment we’re gonna look at the sad element of fantasy….the bust. You have your position in the draft, you completed all your calculations and you know exactly who you’re taking. He’s a stud, a sure fire 1,000 yard rusher, 25 TD gunslinger or a pair of hands that catches everything within a 10 mile radius of the end zone. Then it all goes wrong!!! Your QB gets blindsided and is out with a concussion, a down lineman destroys your running game or a torn hammy sidelines your golden hands. Of course, then there’s just an under performer.

The latterĀ is where this years fantasy bust comes into play. LeSean McCoy gets the dreaded title this year. McCoy had a draft ranking of 3.16 and in some drafts even went first overall. In a CBS sports league I drafted 5th. Knowing Arian Foster and Ray Rice would be taken first I discovered Aaron Rodgers would be taken third. I expected McCoy to go fourth so I anticipated drafting Calvin Johnson. Imagine my excitement when Tom Brady went fourth and McCoy fell into my lap. That was the start of my terrible season in that league.

Eagles teammate Mike Vick finished third in my bust rankings after barely cracking 300 rushing yards, finding the end zone only once with his legs and having only two more TDs than interceptions (11 to 9). Vick played so poorly he eventually lost his job to Nick Foles (who’s college highlight was being named Second-team All-Pac 10 honors in 2007). Darren McFadden was the runner-up for his whopping contribution of 709 all-purpose yard (507 rushing + 202 receiving) and three total TDs. McFadden was slowed by a high able injury in week 9 that lasted the rest of the fantasy season. The inability to stay healthy over a full season is probably going to land McFadden on the career bust list but we’re only dealing with this season for now and that’s where McCoy comes in.

LeSean finished with only 750 rushing yards and 2 rushing touchdowns (his replacement Bryce Brown doubled that TD total in only two weeks). McCoy is regarded as one of the premier pass catching backs but mustered a mere 235 receiving yards out of the back field with only 3 touchdowns (backup RBs Danny Woodhead, Jacquizz Rodgers, Ronnie Brown and Marcel Reece each posted more NFL.com fantasy points catching the ball). The man known as “Shady” finished the season with less total fantasy points than rookie running backs Alfred Morris, Doug Martin and Trent Richardson. McCoy totaled only three games this year with 15+ points (NFL.com stats) and that number is inflated by one game with 15.30 points. The top 5draft pick also missed critical fantasy weeks 12-14 with a concussion. Nothing in any of these numbers indicates a first round pick by any means.

As a NY Giants fan, nothing gives me more pleasure than to trash McCoy, but as a fantasy lover it pained me to see him perform worse than Mark Wahlberg in a lead role. With McCoy being drafted so high it was nearly impossible for owners to bench McCoy or get good value in a straight trade. All NFL players strive to earn a bust one day, but in Canton, not in fantasy football.

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