Flacco is the Mann this Postseason

Joe Flacco
Joe Flacco

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Two-time MVP and Super Bowl champion Kurt Warner recently said of Joe Flacco, “…not very many guys are those types of quarterback. I believe at the end of this whole thing, he’s going to get one of those $100 million contracts.” Warner may be right, but in this day and age of remakes and reboots, the story of Flacco’s season is one we’ve definitely seen before.

Franchise quarterback is drafted high, has several mediocre to average seasons, endures criticism from hometown media and fans, goes on miraculous playoff run, and leads team to unforeseen and astonishing Super Bowl run. Sounds like a certain famous little brother. Sounds like Eli Manning.

The similarities between Manning’s 2007 Super Bowl season and Flacco’s season are eerily similar. During the regular season Flacco completed 59.7% of his passes while Manning completed 56.1%. Flacco threw 22 touchdown passes to Mannings 23. Flacco led the Ravens to a 10-win season just like Mannings 2007 Giants team. In the conference playoffs Flacco completed 51 passes while Manning connected on 53 attempts. Neither QB threw an interception. Both signal callers led their respective teams to a victory in the divisional round on the road against a 13 win team. In the conference championships Flacco led the Ravens against a Patriots team that had won 82% of its home playoff games while Manning had to deal with a Packers team victorious in 85 % of their home playoff games.

Manning was able to cap off his miraculous postseason with a Super Bowl win over the great and heavily favored Tom Brady. Flacco plays in the AFC with Brady so a Super Bowl match wasn’t possible, but who did Flacco outplay in the conference title game? Yea, the same Tom Brady that fell to Manning in Indianapolis in Super Bowl XLII. Speaking of Brady, even his stats in those games against both Manning and Flacco bear a spooky resemblance. “Tom Terrific” completed 29 passes in both games and despite having the NFL’s number one offense in both years he managed only one touchdown each time.

Eli was able to turn his miraculous title run into a contract extension of 6 years at $97.5 million. Flacco is going to get paid heavily whether he wins the Super Bowl or not. If he does win he will then need to mirror another Eli accomplishment, winning Super Bowl number two and propelling himself to elite status.

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