Draft #2 in the Books


I had my second draft of the season last night, a 12 team full PPR league for my office.  I drew pick 7 of 12, and to say the draft was weird would be an understatement.  I was shocked to see Drew Brees and Alfred Morris go in the top 5, so I had trouble choosing between McCoy, Foster and Calvin Johnson.  I decided that I wanted this team to be completely different from my keeper league team, so I picked McCoy.  I think he will be just fine, and I was hoping to pair him with Forte on the way back.  However, that didn’t work out as planned.  A bunch of RBs went immediately after my pick, so I decided to use my second pick on best player available, which was AJ Green.  I was still looking to draft my second starting RB in round 3, but that is when the draft started going off the rails.  Many of the people in my league aren’t fantasy savvy and just started taking RBs for no reason, even with glaring needs elsewhere.  When it was my turn to pick again, there were no good options at running back, so I decided to choose Larry Fitzgerald and hope he regains his elite form with a real QB throwing him the ball this year.  I was looking to choose Frank Gore with my next pick, but someone with two starting RBs decided to take him right in front of me, which really irritated me.  Again, the RBs left weren’t worth a fourth round pick, so I took another receiver-Marques Colston.  In a PPR league, he is quite valuable and has always been a reliable option.

In round 5, I was the victim of an auto pick, as the person right in front of me took Lamar Miller.  So yet again, I STILL was looking for my second RB, but there were no options at that time, unless I wanted to reach for someone.  So, I decided to wait and filled my flex spot with Jordy Nelson.  After this pick, I was fuming and couldn’t believe some of the picks being made.  It almost seemed comical because it appeared that people had no idea what they were doing.  For example, one owner, in consecutive picks, chose Dennis Pitta, Brandon Lloyd and Michael Turner!  Normally, that would mean good players would fall to you, but that wasn’t the case here.  Instead, others who weren’t knowledgeable would choose whoever was the top ranked person left, and when I had a long gap in between my picks, that was almost always a running back.  Once round 6 came around, I gave up trying to get another starter and decided to take Jason Witten to solidify my TE spot.  In a PPR league, I would argue that he is the third best TE after Graham and a healthy Gronk.  As my pick in round 7 was approaching, I knew I had to get another RB before the talent level really fell off a cliff, so I rolled the dice on Ahmad Bradshaw and his injured feet.  If healthy, he can be a solid contributor for my team, but I anticipate him missing at least 2-3 games over the course of the season.

I was one of the last people to take a QB in this draft, and I picked Tony Romo with my ninth pick.  I’m fine with this pick, as he is very underrated in fantasy in my opinion.  He is almost like the anti Eli Manning-I’d want Eli to win a big game but have poor numbers such as 225 yards passing with one TD, and Romo almost always chokes in the big game with a back breaking interception but will throw for 300+ yards and multiple TDs in that game.  After the Romo pick, my starting team was set, so I looked for solid backups and RB handcuffs.  My next few picks were Malcolm Floyd, Andre Brown, Kendall Wright and Vick Ballard as Ahmad Bradshaw insurance.  I also scooped up Martellus Bennett as my backup TE in case anything happens to Witten, and the Houston D because JJ Watt is a monster and they are an excellent source of points in fantasy.  I rounded out my team with Bilal Powell, who might become a factor in the train wreck of a Jets offense because let’s face it, someone has to get the ball and Joe Flacco as my backup QB.  My final pick was a kicker, Justin Tucker of the Ravens.  Once the draft ended, I sat there flabbergasted for a few minutes because of some of the picks I saw, such as the three I mentioned earlier, as well as someone picking Michael Crabtree in round 13 with 4 more rounds still to come.  However, when I woke up this morning and looked at my team again, it wasn’t as bad.  Running back is obviously my weakest spot, but if Bradshaw doesn’t go down early, I should be fine.  I have depth and will try to make a trade to strengthen the RB spot.  My final draft is Thursday evening, and it should be interesting since it will be my first time doing a league that drafts IDP.  There will be some growing pains for sure, but I hope to be competitive.  The league is free and is mainly to test out custom IDP scoring, so I won’t be too broken up if my team doesn’t do too well.

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I've been participating in fantasy sports for almost a decade. I first started off doing only fantasy football and baseball, but soon grew to love fantasy basketball and hockey as well. For fantasy football, I've participated in a variety of leagues, such as standard, PPR, and auction over the years. In the past 5 years, I've even branched out to fantasy golf and fantasy NASCAR. I've been a die-hard San Francisco 49ers fan for 23 years, which has had many ups and downs.

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