Broncos Will Buck the Seahawks


The Denver Broncos will win Super Bowl XLVIII by a score of 24-20

There, now that we got that out of the way we can focus on predicting bigger things…like this years Academy Awards winners. What, not interested in who wins best actress this year? Fine, we’ll focus a little more on the big game.

It’s been two weeks since we last saw each of the conference champions in action. This game has been analyzed and dissected each and every way. It’s been poked and prodded like an alien abductee. So how did I get the outcome that I predicted? Well, it’s a little different that’s you may think.

Peyton Manning and the Broncos offense can score points. No &$!@. Richard Sherman and the Seahawks defense can keep points off the board. Duh!! Number one offense against number one defense. I don’t care. Throw that out the window like a gum wrapper on the highway. Denver isn’t going to put up video game offensive numbers in this game and Seattle is not going to pitch a shutout. So this game really comes down to the other sides of the ball. The Broncos defense against the Seahawks offense.

Lost in all the well deserved hype of the Seattle defense is the fact that the Broncos defense is rather good themselves. They have stepped up big time in the playoffs. During the run to MetLife Stadium Denver has allowed 289.5 yards per game (2nd best in the playoffs), down from 356 during the regular season. They’ve also given up only 64.5 rushing a yards per game during the postseason which is down from the 101.6 they gave up during the season.

The Seattle offense is headed in the opposite direction. During the post season the Seahawks have averaged 292 yards per game which is down from the 339 they put up during the season. They’ve also averaged only 148 passing yards ( worst in the playoffs), down from 202.2 during the regular season. You don’t get to the Super Bowl by being stupid and the Broncos will focus much of their attention on stopping running back Marshawn Lynch. Can QB Russell Wilson win a championship by himself. I doubt it. While he’s very smart and limits his mistakes it’s hard to see the former Wisconsin Badger putting up big yards and scores with no true number one receiver. Percy Harvin will play in the game but how effective will he be after multiple injuries this year.

The Seahawks offense will need long drives to keep Manning off the field and limit his high powered wide receiver corp. A little easier said than done. Some “experts” are saying this is Manning’s legacy game. That makes about as much sense as the series ending to the Sopranos. Manning is leaps and bounds above any QB playing during this era. Tom Brady included. When Brady went down for the season the Patriots still won eleven games. When Manning went down for the season the Colts won only two games. You do the math. People focus too much on the “who has more rings” aspect. Joe Montana had Jerry Rice, that’s why he has four of them. Dan Marino had no running game, that’s why he has none. Any duffs can make numbers and scenarios work for their argument. The simple fact remains that Manning is the most cerebral QB ever to take the field. No team can run an offense like he can. He already has one ring. He’s been to a second Super Bowl. Win or lose, his legacy is secure.

On paper the game looks like it will be one of the most competitive and entertaining games in recent memory. The weather at kickoff looks like it’ll be around 40 degrees with winds around 10-15 mph. A big difference from the “Day After Tomorrow” snow blizzard we were promised. Looks as if the meteorologists were juuuuuust a bit off.

Manning will become the first QB to win a Super Bowl with two different teams and gets to do it in his little brothers backyard. He will play beyond this season and should. When John Elway left the game he was on his way out and on the down side of his career. He was helped greatly by Terrell Davis in getting those two rings. Manning is on a different path. He put up statistically the greatest season by a QB in NFL history. He clearly has many years to play.

The Seahawks have built a fine team and will be competitive for years to come even with all the parity in the league. This just isn’t their time yet. Manning is the Godfather of the league and Seattle is just the Fredo. They’re aren’t ready for the throne yet. In time they’ll be the Michael but right now they aren’t the top Corleone.

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