Better Fantasy Option: Robert Griffin III or Andrew Luck?

Robert Griffin III/Andrew Luck
Robert Griffin III/Andrew Luck

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Who do you think is better, Robert Griffin III (RG3) or Andrew Luck? Instead of having the typical debate of who is going to be the better quarterback, let’s look at who will help your fantasy team the most.

After being selected first and second in the 2012 NFL Draft, Luck and RG3 will forever be compared, like Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf. Let’s hope neither RG3 or Luck end up with the NFL career Leaf had.

The potential is obviously there for both quarterbacks to be top fantasy options for years to come. However, we are talking about this fantasy season. Neither quarterback has proven anything at the NFL level and both are going to be playing on bad teams. The one bit of solace you can take is that barring injury, both should be starting week one. Their teams will give them every chance to succeed.

The thing about great quarterbacks is they don’t necessarily need a lot of weapons around them. They will make their teammates better. We don’t know if either Luck or RG3 will be one of the great quarterbacks yet, but they have a chance to be.

When you break it down, neither quarterback has a lot of great offensive weapons around them. RG3 probably has a few more quality weapons to work with than Luck, but neither is going into a situation where they can throw to a Calvin Johnson. RG3 has new addition Pierre Garcon to throw to along with veteran Santana Moss in the slot. Meanwhile, Andrew Luck has Reggie Wayne and the underrated Austin Collie. Both quarterbacks have guys that can help them, but they won’t have a dominating play maker around them.

With that said, RG3 has a clear edge with his rushing ability. The Washington Redskins are already reportedly drawing up specific running plays for RG3 and he figures to qualify for more fantasy points with his rushing ability. Both guys are strong second QB picks in your fantasy leagues.

If I have a choice on my league’s draft day I’m going with RG3. The better pure quarterback will be Andrew Luck, but fantasy football doesn’t always line up with what wins on the field. If you’re looking for the quarterback who will give you the most fantasy points go with RG3.

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