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Hello everyone, and welcome to my first post on this blog.  I won’t bore you to death with a long-winded background story about me, so I’ll keep it quick and to the point.  I’ve been an avid participant in fantasy football for about a decade, taking part in all sorts of leagues.  PPR, standard, auction, you name it and I’ve tried it.  My goal in this blog is to share my thoughts about the fantasy landscape and engage in some discussions on the latest news around the NFL that will impact your fantasy teams.

The preseason has reached its halfway point, so it is now prime draft season.  Many of you have probably participated in mock drafts to get an idea of player value before you do your real draft.  This year, I’ve decided to focus on two leagues, a 12 team full PPR work league, and my legacy 8 team keeper league, which gives half a point per reception.  Naturally, this changes the value of some players, as someone like Wes Welker or Darren Sproles becomes much more valuable in a PPR format.  If it was a non-PPR league and there are no points given for special teams TDs, Sproles doesn’t have much value.  I drafted Sproles in my work league last year in round 4, and he consistently gave me double digit points mainly because of the volume of receptions he would have each week.  I usually like to wait to have the draft in my leagues until after the third preseason game, as that is when you are as in the clear injury-wise as you possibly can be in football.  The last thing you want is to draft in the beginning of the preseason and have a top pick go on the shelf.  Percy Harvin is the perfect example.  I would be pretty unhappy if I invested a high pick in him only to see him gone until around Thanksgiving.

Even with the continued emphasis on the passing game in the NFL, running backs are still the bread and butter of your fantasy lineup.  The top level backs can carry you some weeks, and the difference between the top backs and the middle of the pack backs is much greater than the top receivers and middle of the pack receivers.  For years, the popular method of drafting was RB/RB with your first two picks.  This year, I think it’s time to go back to that tried and true formula.  The RB class has a lot of elite options this year, obviously starting with Adrian Peterson.  I can’t think of one reason as to why someone would not take him if they landed the top pick in their draft.  Even if you aren’t lucky enough to draft Peterson, there are plenty of other elite options.  Arian Foster, Doug Martin, CJ Spiller, LeSean McCoy, Ray Rice, Jamaal Charles, Marshawn Lynch, Alfred Morris and Trent Richardson are all first round picks in my eyes.  In many of the mocks I have done, all of these backs are gone by the end of round 1 and the only non-RB taken has been Calvin Johnson.  Last year, you could make a case for taking either Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers in the first round of drafts because of the lack of elite options in the running back class.  Peterson and Charles were unknowns coming off ACL injuries, Chris Johnson appeared to be declining, Darren McFadden is never healthy, MJD was involved in a contract dispute, and the list goes on.  Last year, in my opinion, the only “safe” backs to take in round 1 were Foster, Rice and McCoy.  This year, it’s a completely different story.  In a standard league where passing TDs are 4 points, I can’t justify taking anyone who isn’t a running back aside from Calvin Johnson in the first round.  If your league has scoring where passing TDs are 6 points, then that’s a whole different story, and I’ll cover that in a future post.


Well, that wraps up my first post.  In my next few posts, I’ll go into more detail about my thoughts on each position, as well as some players I am avoiding/targeting in drafts.  Your comments and feedback are welcome, and I will look to improve on this blog as we move forward into the season.

About Ryan Lewis

I've been participating in fantasy sports for almost a decade. I first started off doing only fantasy football and baseball, but soon grew to love fantasy basketball and hockey as well. For fantasy football, I've participated in a variety of leagues, such as standard, PPR, and auction over the years. In the past 5 years, I've even branched out to fantasy golf and fantasy NASCAR. I've been a die-hard San Francisco 49ers fan for 23 years, which has had many ups and downs.

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