A Look into the Rabbit Hole: Janoris Jenkins vs. Stevie Johnson

Janoris Jenkins and Stevie Johnson
Janoris Jenkins and Stevie Johnson

Photo’s courtesy of zimbio.com and mtrmedia.com

Despite the Buffalo Bills 5-7 season, their offense has shown an ability to score in bunches. The St. Louis Rams have won two straight games in which their young defense, led by Janoris Jenkins, have dominated their opposition.

Jenkins has three touchdowns over the last two games. The guy is a cornerback! Last week against the San Francisco 49ers, Jenkins returned a fumble for a touchdown, which helped the Rams upset the 49ers. Jenkins has big play ability and is showing a knack for finding the ball.

Week 14, Jenkins will likely find himself matched up against the Bills Stevie Johnson. Last week, Johnson suffered a hamstring injury late in the game that sent him to the sidelines, but he is stating he will be good to go for this Sunday against Jenkins and the Rams.

On the season, Johnson has 55 catches for over 700 yards and five touchdowns. Johnson doesn’t have elite level speed or acceleration, but is still extremely difficult for cornerbacks to cover.  Johnson has shown an ability to run unique routes and use his body to fake out defenders and deliver big plays.

Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is not afraid to air it out, but that also means he is more prone to making mistakes. If Jenkins and the Rams secondary can keep Johnson and Fitzpatrick from beating them downfield and capitalizing on the big play, the Rams could produce another impressive defensive performance.

Fitzpatrick and the Bills will be throwing the ball plenty this Sunday. This only means that Jenkins will find himself with plenty of opportunities to continue his impressive streak of touchdowns.

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