A Look into the Rabbit Hole: Janoris Jenkins vs. Sidney Rice

Janoris Jenkins and Sidney Rice
Janoris Jenkins and Sidney Rice

Photo courtesy of Stlouisrams.com and Seahawks.com

Going into the final week of the NFL season, the St. Louis Rams may not be playing for a playoff spot, but they are playing for their first winning record since 2003. At 7-7, the Rams have come on strong and exceeded expectations due to large part because of their young defense.

Janoris Jenkins is having a huge rookie season where he has scored four touchdowns and proven to be a game breaking defensive player. Jenkins intercepted his fourth pass of the season last week and returned it 41 yards for a touchdown. Jenkins is quickly becoming someone opposing quarterbacks are trying to avoid.

Week 17, the Rams defense will have their hands full with Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks explosive offense. Week 16 the Seahawks’ offense had their way with the San Francisco 49ers, who have one of the best defenses in the NFL.

Rookie quarterback Russel Wilson is a dual threat. Not only does he have the ability to run with the ball, but Wilson has proven to be a very effecdtive passer who isn’t afraid to air it out downfield.

Jenkins will likely find himself matched up against the Seahawks top wide receiver Sidney Rice. On the season, Rice has 50 catches for over 700 yards and seven touchdowns.

Rice’s skill set is similar to the Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald. Rice is quick off the line and is very good at running tight, quick routes. Rice does have good acceleration, but Jenkins will have to play up on the line to prevent Rice from catching the ball underneath the coverage.

The Seahawks will likely make numerous throws deep downfield. This could prove to be dangerous for Jenkins and the Rams secondary, but it also will provide Jenkins plenty of opportunities to make plays.

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