A Look into the Rabbit Hole: Janoris Jenkins vs. Michael Crabtree/Colin Kaepernick

Janoris Jenkins and Colin Kaepernick
Janoris Jenkins and Colin Kaepernick

Photos courtesy of stlouisrams.com and sportsillustrated.cnn.com

Week 13 will be Janoris Jenkins’ second match up against the San Francisco 49ers and wide receiver Michael Crabtree. There is one major difference this time. The 49ers quarterback.

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh has been non-commital about picking a starting quarterback for Week 13, but after the last couple weeks, it seems to be a lock that Colin Kaepernick will start. This will present an array of issues for the St. Louis Rams defense.

Even though Crabtree is not having a great year, he is still on pace for over 70 catches and seven touchdowns. There is a reason he was was tenth pick in the 2009 draft. Crabtree has talent and lots of it. He may not always perform like it, but he is still an offensive threat.

In their Week 10 match up, Crabtree pulled in five catches along with a touchdown grab. Jenkins will have an even tougher task with Kaepernick at quarterback. Kaepernick can stretch plays with his legs, making it tougher on Jenkins and the Rams secondary. Jenkins is going to have to keep his attention locked on Crabtree for a longer period of time.

Jenkins clearly has the physical skills to keep up with Crabtree. Coming off a record setting game where he picked off two passes and returned both for touchdowns, Jenkins is a game changer. If the Rams can get pressure on Kaepernick and force him to throw the ball under pressure, Jenkins could have another big day.

Make no mistake, Kaepernick presents an good challenge for Jenkins. Week 13 will be interesting game for Jenkins and the #RabbitHole.

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