A Look into the Rabbit Hole: Janoris Jenkins vs. Michael Crabtree

Janoris Jenkins and Michael Crabtree
Janoris Jenkins and Michael Crabtree

Photo’s courtesy of stlouisrams.com and uk.eurosport.yahoo.com

After a bye week, the St. Louis Rams travel to San Francisco to face off against the NFC West division leading San Francisco 49ers. The 3-5 Rams have an opportunity to make up some much needed ground on the 6-2 49ers while delivering a huge upset.

For Janoris Jenkins and the Rams secondary, after a tough couple weeks, they face off against a 49ers offense that isn’t nearly as lethal as the Packers or Patriots. However, the 49ers have shown they can light up the scoreboard if taken overlooked by opposing defenses. Alex Smith has had a very solid year with over 1600 passing yards, 12 touchdowns and just five interceptions. Smith has shown an ability to protect the ball, so Jenkins will have to be on top of his game in order to create some turnovers.

The 49ers top wide receiver is Michael Crabtree. The 2009 first round draft pick was highly regarded out of college, but has yet to live up to his full potential. Despite putting up decent numbers there still is the feeling that Crabtree could produce more.

Despite lacking big time speed, Crabtree has great hands and is a physical wide receiver. Crabtree is often able to create seperation off the line by using his size. Crabtree isn’t  a big threat to beat Jenkins down field, but he will run quick slants and has shown an ability to run after the catch.

Jenkins will have to use his strength at the line of scrimmage to disrupt Crabtree’s routes. Jenkins needs to be especially careful near the goaline as Crabtree had two touchdown catches in the 49ers last game against the Arizona Cardinals.

For Jenkins and the Rams, week ten’s matchup against the 49ers is huge. With back to back losses where their defense was torched, Jenkins and the Rams need to recover and provide a strong performance.

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