2013 NFL Pro Bowl Voting Has Begun

Pro Bowl

Pro Bowl

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Voting for the 2013 NFL Prow Bowl in Hawaii is officially open! For fans this may be the last time they can vote to see which players will play on the field in Hawaii.

This past off season there were rumors the Pro Bowl game itself would be discontinued. This wouldn’t mean voting would have to end necessarily, as fans could cast votes for who deserves the honor of being a Pro Bowl player. However, the game itself would be no more. For players, it seems like the game has become a nuisance. The past few years the games have become less competitive to the point where the interest in the game has dropped significantly.

The Pro Bowl game will definitely be played this season. January 27th some of the NFL’s best players will play what could eventually become the final Pro Bowl game. Another issue that has come up is the fact that the game is played a week before the Super Bowl. This means some of the games Pro Bowlers won’t be able to even play in the game.

For fans this all shouldn’t be a major issue. A big part of the fun is voting for your favorite players and seeing who gets named to the team. Surgex Sports is proud to see a few of our athletes on the ballot this season.

2011 All-Pro safety Eric Weddle of the San Diego Chargers is on the ballot this season. Weddle is on pace for another great season with 33 tackles, one forced fumble, one sack, and two interceptions.

Chicago Bears linebacker and special teams star Blake Costanzo is also on the ballot this season. Costanzo has come close to being a Pro-Bowler. Last season Costanzo was named a Pro Bowl alternate on special teams. Costanzo is one of the best special teams players in the game and is having another great season with the Bears special teams unit.

Finally, St. Louis Rams rookie cornerback Janoris Jenkins finds himself on the Pro Bowl ballot in his first NFL season. Jenkins has had a couple tough games this season, but has gotten the attention of the rest of the league with his physical play and play making abilities. Jenkins already has 36 tackles this season along with one interception.

Go to NFL.com now to vote for who you think should be on the 2013 NFL Pro Bowl team. Look out for Surgex Sports athletes Eric Weddle, Janoris Jenkins, and Blake Costanzo.

Vote for who you think should make the 2013 NFL Pro Bowl team.

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